among */*/*/

UK [əˈmʌŋ] / US preposition
1) included in a larger group
a) used for saying that someone or something is included in a particular group of people or things

His family connections helped ensure his position among the elite.

from among (= from a group of):

The Scottish Labour Party will appoint a committee from among its own members.

b) used when you are mentioning a particular person or thing in relation to the rest of the group they belong to

Robert was the only one among them who had ever ridden a horse.

Most important among the country's problems is the lack of health facilities.

2) within a group
a) used for saying what happens within a particular group of people

The suicide rate among young male prisoners is high.

We want to encourage greater cooperation among the different departments.

b) used for saying that many people in a group have a particular opinion or feeling

News of the invasion spread panic among the citizens.

The general opinion among teachers is that small class sizes are important.

3) shared between people or things used for stating which people receive parts of something when it is divided up and shared out
share/divide/distribute something among:

The money has to be shared out among several projects.

4) in the middle of other people or things
a) in a place surrounded by people or things

Robin's house was hidden among the trees.

Imran was standing among a crowd of admirers.

b) moving through a place where there are people or things around you

It was pleasant strolling among the olive trees.

c) searching through things

I found Michelle rummaging among the papers in my drawer.

5) with people with a group of people of a particular type

I was never happier than when I was among these familiar faces.

among friends:

Oh come on, Arthur, you can speak freely – you're among friends.

among yourselves/ourselves/themselves — with each other

Conservatives were arguing among themselves about minor policy issues.

English dictionary. 2014.

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